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Anniston Plumbing Services provides water leak detection and repair services featuring an assured same-day service. We'll help you in finding the leak, propose fix options, and commence repair as promptly as we have gained your approval. Our leak detection professionals are always available in Anniston, AL. From dripping faucets to pipe replacement, our proficient plumbers have the ability to dealing with your water leak repairs.

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Signs It’s Time to Contact Your Anniston, AL Leak Detection Professional

Recognizing a pinhole leak in the water supply line can be challenging since a lot of the plumbing is concealed behind walls or ceilings. Often, homeowners only realize of a leak when liquid begins to drip from the ceiling or marks the walls. Additional indicators of pinhole leaks consist of:

  • Uninterrupted movement of the water meter
  • Lifting or bubbling wallpaper
  • Odor of mold
  • Substantial rise in your water bill
If you suspect a problem, never delay to get in touch with our team for prompt leak detection services in Anniston, AL.

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Advanced electronic gear assists in locating the exact area of leakage within the foundation. Leaking water can easily detected with this equipment. This enables the plumber to find the location of the leak. The aim of leak detection is to pinpoint the source of the leak to minimize damage to the property. Leakage might occur in a water pipe or drainage line that lies under the foundation.

The typical way to repair a slab leak is to perform a spot repair. Another option to fix foundation leaks is to re-pipe or reroute the plumbing. The type of repair for leakage within the foundation depends on the age of the piping and its condition. Pipes in good condition may require a spot repair. If the pipe is old and is in poor shape, then re-piping could be essential.

Underground Leak Detection and Line Detection in Anniston, AL

There are several factors that can lead to a water leak. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Blocked drains and toilet fixtures: It is typical for blocked pipes to result in a water leak. Various substances such as food particles and grease to hair or even children's toys can lead to a clog should it gets into the drainage system.
  • Deteriorating or moving pipes: As time passes, the pipes within your home may begin to deteriorate and move. When this occurs, leaks are prone to occur. Detecting leaks resulting from this can be challenging in the absence of expert help.
  • Tree roots invading pipes or external plumbing: Occasionally, tree roots can penetrate the plumbing system, leading to pipe bursts. This type of leak can be difficult to locate or even notice.
If you suspect you have a leak, don't delay in contacting Anniston Plumbing Services for professional water leak detection services.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair Professionals in Anniston, AL

One symptom of a slab leak is a rise in water consumption or an unusually high water bill. If a leak is not present anywhere in the home, then the source of the water leak could be beneath the foundation.

The sound of running water when no faucets are on could signal a potential leak. If there is no indication of a leak, such as a running toilet, then water may be leaking from an underground pipe.

Pets seek warmth and if they lay on a specific spot on the floor, then look for areas of heat. A spot on the floor that feels warm could be a sign of a leak in a hot water pipe.

Interior wall cracks are a sign of increased pressure. This often occurs when there is settling of the foundation because of leakage from pipes.

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We collaborate with you in maintain your quality and effectiveness of the property's water systems. With a wealth of experience in the industry, our focus is on cutting-edge leak detection services covering residential, swimming pool, and commercial properties. The commitment to utilizing the latest technological advancements, coupled with the committed staff of experts, ensures that we not only provide solutions, but additionally peace of mind. At Anniston Plumbing Services, we are devoted to promptly and efficiently detecting and resolving your water leak challenges.

    We make use of advanced equipment including LeakTronics and the Anderson Leakalyzer, ensuring the highest accuracy in leak detection.
    Our team of skilled technicians brings years of industry experience, providing trustworthy and knowledgeable service throughout every inspection.
    We provide a wide range of leak detection services, including plumbing, pools, and irrigation systems, ensuring a one-stop solution for all your leak detection needs.
    Your satisfaction is of utmost importance, so we offer personalized service and clear communication throughout the detection and repair process.

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Do not allow hidden water leaks to wreak havoc around your household. Trust the professionals at Anniston Plumbing Services to accurately pinpoint and repair any type of leak, no matter their location.

Ignoring leaks may result in serious consequences like the growth of mold, structural damage, and costly repairs. That's why it's essential to reach out to an expert plumbing service prior to these issues escalate.

Should you suspect a concealed water leak within your home, do not hesitate. Ask for a quote for top-notch leak detection services alternatively contact us immediately. The expert plumbers on our team stand ready, on standby, to identify and resolve any problems related to water leaks. Bid farewell to hidden leaks that become major headaches. Get in touch with Anniston Plumbing Services today to benefit from our expertise and gain peace of mind. Reach out to us now!

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