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Water Leak Detection in Bay Minette, AL

Avoid Water Damage with Leak Detection and Repair

Are you currently losing money each month as a result of an undetected water leak? Get speedy, dependable results immediately to aid lower the water bill. Call Bay Minette Plumbing Services, your Bay Minette water leak detection specialists at (888) 860-0649 immediately to begin saving extra cash.

Dwellings that are located on a concrete foundation might have underground plumbing pipes. Water seeping from an underground pipe could cause detriment that may be costly to repair. Leaks in an underground pipe can wash away soil and may cause the slab to sink.

Signs You Have A Water Leak

While a plumber could be necessary to identify the source of a leak, homeowners serve as the first defense to recognizing one. Having this knowledge in mind can enable you to spot and call a plumber deal with a leak swiftly, staving off extensive damage to your Bay Minette, AL home. Watch out for these common signs of a water leak:

  • Wet or spongy spots on the wall or floor
  • The sound of running water (especially if you’re not using any other water)
  • The presence of mold or mildew
  • Cracks in the wall or floor
  • A high water bill despite no change in water usage
  • Changes in the water meter (or a running well pump) when not using water
If any of these signs are present, respond promptly and reach out to a plumber.

Professional Leak Detection Techniques

Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to find and stop the source of your leak without the assistance of a licensed plumber. The good news is that Bay Minette Plumbing Services' licensed plumbers are available to offer water leak repair in Bay Minette, AL. If you experience a water leak, our expert plumbers are just a phone call away.

If you detect a severe leak of water, you can try to shut off the water in your entire home. This may slow the leak until a plumber arrives and determines the best course of action. Otherwise, getting in touch with a plumber promptly for plumbing assistance is your best bet!

Are There Different Types of Leaks?

There are several factors that cause a water leak. Among the primary reasons are:

  • Clogged drains and toilets: It’s not uncommon for clogged drains to result in a water leak. Various substances such as food residues and grease as well as hair and even a child’s toy can lead to a clog should it enters your drain.
  • Deteriorating or moving pipes: Over time, your home's pipes can start to decay or move. In such cases, leaks tend to happen. Detecting leaks caused by this can be challenging in the absence of professional assistance.
  • Tree roots invading pipes or external plumbing: Sometimes, tree roots can intrude into the plumbing system, leading to pipe bursts. Such leaks can be difficult to locate or even notice.
Should you suspect that a leak is present, do not hesitate to contacting Bay Minette Plumbing Services for professional water leak detection services.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair Professionals in Bay Minette, AL

A sign of a slab leak is a spike in water usage or a water bill that is higher than normal. If there are no visible leaks within the property, then a water leak may be under the slab.

The sound of running water when no faucets are on suggests there might be a leak. If no visible signs of leakage, such as a running toilet, then the water leak might originate from a subterranean conduit.

Animals look for warmth and if they lay on a specific spot on the floor, then inspect for warmth. A spot on the floor that feels warm might suggest a leak in a pipe carrying hot water.

Cracks on interior walls are a symptom of elevated pressure. This often occurs when the slab settles because of a pipe leak.

Why Hire Our Bay Minette Leak Detection Company?

Preserving Property Integrity
The cost of leaks escalates significantly when property is damaged during detection procedures. That’s why we detect without destruction.

Clear Cost Estimates
Prior to commencing any work, you receive a precise, upfront quotation. Our pricing estimates consider your individual circumstances, property details, and our expert evaluations.Nothing more, nothing less.

Professional Mastery

Our company stands as the pioneer in leak detection services. Consequently, you gain access to over four decades of practical industry knowledge, cutting-edge technological solutions, and our highly skilled workforce.

Our highly-trained professionals are among the most experienced and seasoned technicians in the industry. In essence, there is no other team more qualified than ours.

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