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Water Leak Detection in Cedar Bluff, AL

Avoid Water Damage with Leak Detection and Repair

Suspect you have a plumbing leak? Leak in your pool? Spa leak? Other water leaks? Cedar Bluff Plumbing Services provides expert solutions paired with professional, friendly service from start to finish.

Our Cedar Bluff leak detection company specializes in finding leaks in water supply lines, drains, and pools. We utilize the expertise and equipment necessary to detect leaks with precision and speed.

Signs You Need Water Leak Detection Services

A lot of people are unfamiliar with what a “slab leak” is–it is actually unsurprising to see that they overlook the issue until it has already caused some damage.

A slab leak occurs beneath the concrete floor of your home’s foundation. It’s a type of the most elusive types of leaks, so homeowners seldom notice it until they locate water in odd places around the property.

Water could seep out of your pipes via holes and cracks caused by pipe corrosion, shifting ground, or faulty construction. The resulting damage may go undetected for months, ultimately developing into a much bigger problem that demands more expensive repairs. As such, early detection remains critical in controlling the damage.

Get in touch with a professional plumber when you detect any of these warning signs:

  • Sound of running water even though all the taps are turned off
  • Sudden or gradual spike in your water bill
  • Cracks in the walls or foundation
  • Moisture or mildew under the carpet
  • Stained or discolored floor covering
  • Heat emitting from the floor
  • Wet spots within your home
  • Water pooling where it shouldn’t
  • Drop in water pressure
The last thing you want is an inexperienced plumber dealing with sensitive plumbing issues. For slab leak repair in Cedar Bluff, AL and surrounding areas, trust only Cedar Bluff Plumbing Services! Our team consisting of highly skilled and experienced plumbing technicians is equipped to deal with your plumbing emergencies 24/7.

Our Leak Detection and Repair Process

Leakage of water isn’t always obvious. Certainly, drips of water from below a kitchen sink can be an easy indicator of a bad pipe or seal. However, there are savvy ways to identify a leak’s location. An initial clue typically your water utility bill. Unless you have an increased number of individuals residing in the household compared to prior months, the water utility bill ought to stay around the same price every billing cycle. A significant increase in price often suggests the presence of a leak.

Utilize your ability to observe. As skilled technicians, we seek out walls or ceilings that are bulging, along with fissures within the foundation. If a leak is truly hidden, we need to use our specialized plumbing cameras to view inside of your walls. Having technology at our disposal, we can locate your mystery leak.

Where Does Water Leak From?

Water leaks are extremely difficult to locate since there are numerous potential sources from which they may originate. An experienced plumber is skilled to inspect each of these common leak sources:

  • Piping located in the walls and floors of your property
  • The service line from the meter to your home (typically under your yard)
  • Piping within the concrete slab
  • Vulnerable leak areas such as basements or crawl spaces
Since these potential points of origin can be difficult to access, we advise Cedar Bluff, AL homeowners hold off on a plumber check them out. A licensed plumber can guarantee your safety and that the proper methods for locating and rectifying a leak are followed.

Slab Leak Repair in Cedar Bluff, AL

Slab leaks arise when your plumbing system develops leaks underneath the concrete slab foundation of your home. Damage to this slab can undermine the structural integrity of your entire house. Excess pressure is the first potential cause of a slab leak, often resulting in cracked underground pipes. Underground pipes often bear heavy pressure, increasing the likelihood of cracking. In areas with clay soil, the risk of slab leaks becomes higher, as clay soils expand when wet and shrink after drying, exerting pressure on the pipes.

Earthquakes can also exert pressure on the pipes, potentially resulting in slab leaks. The metals in the soil make direct contact with underground pipes. This contact between metals can lead to galvanic corrosion, resulting in a hole in your pipe and ultimately causing a leak.

Water flowing through the pipes results in vibration. In cases where the pipe is positioned adjacent to a hard surface like gravel, another pipe, or concrete, the metal can gradually wear away at the spot where it contacts the solid surface.

Why Hire Our Cedar Bluff Leak Detection Company?

Different from some techniques, our solutions utilized by our team Cedar Bluff Plumbing Services are certainly designed to ensure the safety of your property and maintain your value—not to more destruction by tearing up walls or creating a major mess.

You can rely on our team's Cedar Bluff leak detection technicians with the knowledge:

  • We consistently show up on time and finish the job as per schedule.
  • We provide upfront, accurate pricing ensuring you're informed what to prepare for.
  • We're friendly, expert, and concerned about our customers.
  • We're extensively trained in current leak detection solutions.
  • We exceed expectations to meet your specific needs.

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