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The plumbing system in your residence is a vital resource that you and your family rely on. In the event of a malfunction in your home's plumbing system, you need to engage the services of with the expertise and knowledge necessary to the necessary technical know-how to repair the issue in the system. Our company will arrange for a competent plumber to your house, diagnose the source of the problem, and work tirelessly to fix any water leaks or pipe problems.

Be assured that our residential plumbing assistance in Centre, AL meet the highest standards. Our team will guarantee that your plumbing system is repaired correctly during the initial service call. For dependable plumbing solutions, reach out to Centre Plumbing Services right now for all your plumbing needs, whether for your home or business!

Residential Emergency Plumbing

If you've encountered an emergency with your plumbing, you're aware that emergencies aren't bound by a set schedule. At we, we offer the most extensive urgent plumbing services locally. Our services are available for after-hours plumbing assistance whenever.

In actuality, practically every plumbing problem might be considered seen as an emergency. That small leak one noticed downstairs yesterday evening could potentially escalate to a flood by morning, or one could end up dealing with an overflowing toilet. In case you're facing an urgent plumbing problem, do get in touch with us a ring as soon as possible. Our company provides late-night plumbing services whenever they're available.

Residential Plumbing Services

Our company is a committed local plumbing service provider providing a wide range of plumbing-related services to its customers. Our prices are affordable, and the services we provide are high-quality. We operate on a 24-hour Emergency basis, and clients are free to call for our emergency services at any time.

Our range of services include:

  • Pipe Repairs
  • Faucet Plumbing Services
  • Kitchen Disposal Services
  • Water Leak Services
  • Toilet Installation and Repair
  • Water Heater Services
  • Sump Pump Services
  • Sewer Line Installation and Repair
  • Servicing Flushometers
  • Back Flow Services
  • Immediate Plumbing Solutions
  • Water Heater Installation and Repair

Your Commercial Plumbing Experts in Centre, AL

Water Heater Care
Do you have water heating system faulty? Do you desire a water heater system replacement? Fear not, Centre Plumbing Services are here to solve your problems. Our team of professional plumbers has what it takes to fix any issues with your water heater, install an old water heating system with a new one, and ensure it has fully complied with current energy efficiency standards put in place by the federal government. We also offer expatriate advice on the type of water system to use for maximum efficiency, to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. Centre Plumbing Services ensures quick and efficient access to hot water.

Kitchen Plumbing Solutions
A kitchen is said to be heart of every house. Well at Centre Plumbing Services, we serve as the heart of kitchen plumbing. When a mere kitchen nozzle is broken, or any other plumbing issue arises, every other activity in that house is affected. However, why we're here? From faucets and sinks to dishwashers and garbage disposals, the kitchen is equipped with a wide range of plumbing fixtures. Ensuring all these parts function properly to ensure all this parts function to the best of their ability, to provide you an exceptional experience while at your service. We offer:

  • Clearing and repair of drain systems
  • Repairing or replacing old faucets
  • Fixing or replacing garbage disposals
  • Repairing leaks and installing new plumbing systems
Plumbing Services for Outdoor Areas
From connecting water from the main source to your house, to heating it and supplying the same to the kitchen as well as the bathroom and eventually draining the waste out of the house, proficient plumbing and maintenance are paramount. In the same line, there exist a number of plumbing fixtures as well as pipes which exist outside of the house and whose maintenance cannot be overlooked. Examples of such equipment include irrigating pipes and outdoor water taps. When this equipment is damaged, the loss is inevitable. Just a few inches of uncontrolled water can wreak havoc in one’s homestead or office. we offer comprehensive solutions for these issues and to prevent further damage. Our services are available 24-hours a day 365 days a year every year. We offer professional outdoor plumbing solutions such as:
  • Deodorization and sanitation procedures
  • Drying of structures and their content
  • Water cleanup and restoration
  • Repair and cleanup of water and sewer damage
Drainage Cleaning
We, at Centre Plumbing Services, provide comprehensive drainage clearance and cleanup services to our esteemed clients at a price that is very much pocket-friendly. We offers emergency clearance services for blocked drains alongside preventative drain cleaning services. We have our rates consistent with a pricing system that is honest. When called upon, be sure we give our utmost to provide our clients the best clean, courteous and professional plumbing experience available

Bathroom Plumbing Services
Bathrooms are crucial components of any household, and it's essential to ensure the plumbing work there is flawless. Well, homeowners can count on us for this kind of service. We handle every aspect of bathroom plumbing, ensuring it meets the highest standards of hygiene. Our services include installation repair and replacement of bathroom plumbing equipment

Laundry Place Plumbing Solutions
Maintaining the pipes, faucets, and other plumbing components both indoors and outdoors can be challenging for many homeowners to manage. Yet, it's crucial to maintain these components to prevent damage. For instance, damage to faucets that connect to the washing machine, it can cause many other activities of the day to come to a standstill. Well, cry no more, because Centre Plumbing Services has you covered for all your laundry room plumbing requirements.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Repipe Services: Pipe replacement involves replacement of pipes in your building. You may require this help in the event that you possess antique pipes that are leaking or oxidized. In case you see a drop in your water pressure or see brown-colored water emerging of your faucet, it may be the time to have your building repiped. After we've repiped your business, you can enjoy better water pressure, cleaner water, plus more. Our team are able to come to your site to evaluate if this option might be appropriate for conditions.

Slab Leak Repair: Underground leak denotes a leak situated below concrete. There are signs which can may aid you determine if you've got this kind of a leak. Fractures on your floors might be a signal. If your flooring seems warm when touched or even shows plenty of moisture in particular areas, you may have an problem. In case you are able to listen to water flowing despite the fact that the water is turned off, that suggests a potential slab leak. One should also worry if you observe an abrupt drop in water pressure. Moreover, should you see that water bill has increased, this could point to a slab leak as well. Our company has professional tools and equipment that can rapidly locate your leak. Once find it, we're able to resolve it yourself.

Drain Cleaning: Your drains are able to be cleaned through hydro jetting. Our professionals have the ability to ensure that debris won't end up caught in the pipes, and we maintain water running unrestrictedly. A plumbing snake may also swiftly and effortlessly clean your drains. You might might simply need to to have an drain inside of the home snaked or the main drain line, based on your specific circumstance. Centre Plumbing Services are to one or multiple drain problems. Our company has the appropriate tools and equipment to deal with take care of your plumbing needs, as well as we possess plenty of experience. Should you need commercial plumbing assistance, make sure to Centre Plumbing Services today at (888) 860-0649 for quick results.

Boiler Service: Regularly, someone may move into an house or building where uses an boiler without any prior background or familiarity in operating one. Nevertheless, at Centre Plumbing Services, we hold the view that an informed client has the ability to come to better decisions about their utilities. Therefore, our experts promise to tackle any unresolved issues and address every questions our clients may have.

Backflow Testing: Centre Plumbing Services are prepared to help you in the Centre Water Works Board obligation for performing an regular backflow assembly testing. If you get received a reminder letter, call Centre Plumbing Services at once because there is 30 days to conduct the test and turn in the maintenance form. Centre Plumbing Services are a certified tester and also shall conduct the backflow test, finish the necessary paperwork, and forward it on your behalf. Our company will additionally retain your information in our database and notify you yearly. Backflow preventers are special devices deployed for stop the reverse flow of water containing contaminants including bacteria, pollutants, or chemicals from entering a clean or potable water supply. Backflow preventer devices are fitted in the water pipeline to stop this reverse flow of water in a pipeline to the potable water source.

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