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Water Line Repair in Decatur, AL

Comprehensive Water Line Services in Decatur, AL

When your home is a center, your drains are the arteries, moving waste away. And your water pipes are the veins, carrying essential resources into your home each and every day. Of course, a problem with your water pipes can quickly spell trouble, particularly in your main water supply. The moment water leaves the municipal line and enters your property, it becomes the homeowner’s obligation. And when the unforeseen happens, it can feel overwhelming to find a trustworthy water line repair service to make your home whole again.

At Decatur Plumbing Services, our crew of experienced technicians can carry out the essential repairs with the smallest amount of disturbance to your home. You can rely on us for transparent, upfront pricing and superior service. Whether you have a clogged main water line, a broken water line, or need to replace an old line, we’ll handle the problem with the utmost attention to detail and regard for your space.

Common Causes Of Pipe Damage

Just like any component in a plumbing system, your main water pipeline can be affected by wear and tear, shifting ground, damage, and corrosion. Should your primary water conduit requires repairs, homeowners will notice the effects in your home through several ways such as:

  • a drop in water pressure throughout your home
  • discolored water
  • an unexpectedly high water bill
  • the presence of water puddles in your yard
Call us for prompt water line repairs in case of suspected issues with your main water line.

Signs You Need Our Decatur Pipe Repair

One of the most important ways to reduce the impact from an complication in your main water pipe is to identify it quickly. Some indicators to be aware of are:

  • Fungus or mildew growing on the walls or floors.
  • Damp areas forming on the floors or walls.
  • Greener grass than normal. Although this might seem beneficial, it can suggest a pipe leak that’s adding extra nutrients to your garden.
  • Running water meter even when the faucets are closed.
If you see these indicators, reach out to Scott Plumbing to have our specialists detect and repair the issue.

Repair and Replacement of Leaking Pipes in Decatur, AL

Pipes is produced from a variety of materials, and we are familiar with each type. Our professional plumbing team in Decatur, AL stand ready to visit your residence, assess the types of pipes used in your plumbing system, and advise on the best strategies to repair them. Regardless of how old your plumbing is or how much repairs it needs, Decatur Plumbing Services is ready to help! Below, we have described some of the most common types of plumbing materials we find in the Decatur, AL area. Nevertheless, we can handle with all types of pipe materials.

Copper Plumbing

Repairing copper pipe is not particularly difficult, but finding the problem and accessing the broken section can be tricky. We can replace damaged sections with new copper or a composite alternative.


From the 1970s through the early 1990s, polybutylene was widely used in residential plumbing. This kind of plastic is likely to leaking and cracking after only a few years of use. Since it wears out from the inside out, inspecting it visually don’t help in finding out if the material is failing. Our experienced technicians have the tools to check the condition of your polybutylene pipes and change them if necessary.


PVC has been an standard for many years; it’s cost-effective and lasts a long time. However, repairing PVC needs the knowledge of a professional plumber who is able to smooth, prime, and seal PVC joints so they’ll endure the punishment of time and weather.

What to Do When You Find a Leak in Decatur, AL

If you have a ruptured pipe or a few pinholes in a water line, our plumbing experts is ready to assist. Every team member truly is concerned about your comfort and knows how troublesome a pipe leak can be. If you encounter any issues with our work during your leak repair, we promise to do everything we can to correct it.

Decatur Plumbing Services is proud to serve Decatur, AL, and the neighboring regions. We handle all brands and types of plumbing equipment including water heaters, toilets, and pipes.

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