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Water Line Repair in East Florence, AL

Restoring Proper Function & Flow to Your Water Line!

The water supply to your home runs underground from your meter to your home. We acknowledge for granted that when homeowners turn on the faucet, fresh, consistent stream of water is available. But if that changes, call East Florence Plumbing Services for an evaluation of the situation.

A decrease in water pressure or discolored water might mean there's a leak in your water line. Our team will perform an inspection of your system to find the problem and assess the extent of work needed. A slight fracture, maybe caused by a root, could be a simple repair.

Or, there may be faulty pipes due to age or improper installation, calling for more extensive replacement.

Common Causes Of Pipe Damage

Numerous elements that may impact the integrity of your water lines:

  • Root systems of trees
  • The pipes' age
  • Settling or shifting ground
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Accumulation of calcium or other minerals
  • Soil acidity levels
  • Cycle of freezing and thawing
Depending on the size and location of the leak, the plumbing professionals from East Florence Plumbing Services will assess the scope of work necessary to correct the problem before any work begins. Our team provide our honest and expert advice on the steps needed to fix your water lines. We repair or replace your lines with quality materials to code. Call East Florence Plumbing Services (888) 860-0649.

How To Detect a Leak

A crucial way to limit the damage from an problem in your main water pipe is to detect it early. Some symptoms to look out for are:

  • Fungus or mildew developing on the walls or floors.
  • Wet spots forming on the floors or walls.
  • Greener grass than normal. Although this might seem beneficial, it can indicate a pipe leak that’s providing extra fertilizer to your garden.
  • Water meter running even when the taps are closed.
Should you observe these symptoms, reach out to Scott Plumbing to have our experts detect and repair the leak.

Repair and Replacement of Leaking Pipes in East Florence, AL

Should you encounter dealing with leaking pipes, you can take temporary measures at your disposal to address the problem in the short term.

If you find the source of the leak, wrap electrical tape on the leaking area and place clamps on either end to ensure a tight seal. Another option is to get a temporary pipe sleeve from the nearest hardware store to place around the leak.

The optimal solution for a leaking pipe in the East Florence, AL area is to reach out to the specialists in pipe repair and replacement at East Florence Plumbing Services.

When you contact East Florence Plumbing Services for service, our team will show up without delay, and their trucks will be stocked with the equipment and materials needed to identify the leak and fix it properly. Our experienced technicians are equipped to handle all types of pipe issues and have been replacing pipes in East Florence, AL for decades.

Finally, we back our repair and replacement services. If you are not happy, all you have to do is tell us, and we’ll strive to satisfy you. That’s East Florence Plumbing Services' guarantee.

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Issues with sewer and water lines are often preventable with regular plumbing inspections and maintenance. When you call East Florence Plumbing Services, a licensed plumber will come to your home to detect potential issues before they become disasters.

Our plumbers for residential services are meticulously background-checked, drug-tested, and certified to make sure we offer the highest quality service to our East Florence, AL customers. Every technician arrives in our branded vans and uniforms. We show the highest level of respect to our clients and their homes from start to finish.

Here at East Florence Plumbing Services, we deliver sewer and water line inspections and repairs statewide in East Florence, AL. You can rely on our expert plumbers at East Florence Plumbing Services to do the job correctly with our Guarantee which makes sure you’re happy with the service you get. Contact us at (888) 860-0649, or contact us online for all your routine and emergency plumbing repairs.

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