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It might be useful to consider your pipes as your plumbing’s circulatory system. cannot flow to a fixture or to the street without them. Yet, sometimes, the pipe network springs a leak. Sadly, because pipes are often tucked away inside walls and beneath floors, this issue can be missed. This leads to mold growth and property or damage to the foundation. Should you have recently found a pipe leak in Emerald Mountain, AL—or think you might have one—we advise you reach out to us at (888) 860-0649.

Our team at Emerald Mountain Plumbing Services has been helping Emerald Mountain, AL fix their water leaks for years. This allows us to deliver swift, high-quality plumbing services that is the envy of our competitors. Our well-equipped vehicles let us locate and repair most leaks in pipes in a single visit.

What Causes Main Water Lines to Leak?

Any number of things can feasibly lead to water lines to start seeping and potentially burst. While it is much more common in the northern regions of the country, freezing pipes can still occur in Emerald Mountain plumbing systems.

Possible reasons might involve substandard construction and installation practices, oxidation in iron pipes, small fractures, and ruptures in PVC pipes. Hard water, abnormally high water pressure, and root intrusions are additional factors that commonly damage pipes. Years of rushing water moving through your plumbing system slowly erodes the strength of the pipes, suggesting that no matter how perfect, any system can someday give out.

How To Detect a Leak

Tiny breaches in the pipes result in the typical household wasting thousands of gallons of water annually. Sadly, these minor leaks do not affect our bathing ability or utilize the plumbing fixtures, causing them being overlooked for a long time. Not until a significant leak occurs we understand the plumbing emergency we are dealing with.

But the typical indicators of a leaky pipe are easy to miss and consist of:

  • An unexplained increase in metered water use
  • The odor of mildew is consistent and unrelated to typical tasks
  • Mold or mildew growth appearing on non-shower walls
  • Higher than average water bills
  • Unknown source of dripping noises
  • A drop in water pressure in part of your home
Unfortunately, these leak indicators can also be a warning of a significant pipe issue. This is why you should contact a professional plumber in Emerald Mountain, AL instead of attempting to fix the issue without professional help. In many cases, the money saved is not worth the resulting property damage.

Repair and Replacement of Leaking Pipes in Emerald Mountain, AL

Plumbing pipe is produced from different substances, and we are well-acquainted with each type. Our Emerald Mountain plumbing experts stand ready to come to your residence, examine the materials used in your plumbing system, and suggest the best strategies to repair them. Regardless of how aged your plumbing is or how much work it needs, Emerald Mountain Plumbing Services has the tools to help! In the following, we have outlined some of the most typical types of pipes found in the Emerald Mountain, AL area. Nevertheless, we are ready to assist with any type of plumbing materials.

Copper Plumbing

Fixing copper plumbing is not particularly difficult, but locating the problem and reaching the broken section can be tricky. We can install new failed sections with fresh copper or a different material.


From the 1970s through the early 1990s, polybutylene was widely used in residential plumbing. This gray plastic material is susceptible to leaking and cracking after only a few years of use. Since it degrades from the inside out, looking at it don’t help in finding out if the material is failing. Our skilled plumbers have the tools to assess the state of your polybutylene pipes and change them if necessary.


PVC has been an standard for many years; it’s affordable and lasts a long time. But, repairing PVC requires the skill of a professional plumber who can smooth, prime, and glue PVC joints so they’ll survive the wear and tear of time and weather.

Schedule Expert Water Line Leak Repair in Emerald Mountain, AL Today

Ignoring issues with your water line may present substantial risks to your property and health. A major risk is the potential for burst pipes, which can occur when leaks or other types of damage are left untreated. This can lead to massive water damage and flooding within your home.

Moreover, unaddressed leaks in your water line can lead to damp areas that foster mold and mildew growth. Accumulated mold presents serious health dangers, especially with long-term exposure.

It is crucial to address and resolve any problems with your water line promptly to reduce these risks and safeguard your property and health. Trust Emerald Mountain Plumbing Services for water line repairs in Emerald Mountain, ALto keep your plumbing system in excellent condition.

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