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Your water supply courses underground from your meter to your home. We take for granted that when homeowners turn on the faucet, fresh, steady stream of water is available. But if that changes, call Madison Plumbing Services for an evaluation of the situation.

A decrease in water pressure or water discoloration could mean a leak in your water line. Our team will perform an inspection of your system to identify the problem and ascertain the extent of work needed. A small rupture, potentially caused by a root, could be a simple repair.

Or, there may be faulty pipes due to age or improper installation, calling for a more thorough replacement.

Common Causes Of Pipe Damage

Homeowners frequently encounter water line leaks. Various events and situations can cause this plumbing issue. We recommend becoming familiar with some of the most common causes of water line leaks, so you can take preventative measures to avoid them.

Listed below are 11 typical causes of water line leaks:

  1. Subpar initial installation
  2. Ground freeze-thaw cycles
  3. Shifting soil under the surface
  4. Variations in water pressure
  5. Damaged pipe seals or joints
  6. Clogs in drain or water lines
  7. Excess water pressure
  8. Intruding tree roots
  9. Fragile pipe joints
  10. Extreme temperature fluctuations
  11. Sediment and rust accumulation in water lines
Each of these factors can contribute to the weakening of water lines over time, resulting in leaks and possible water damage.

Common Signs of a Leaking Pipe

Minor leaks in the pipes cause the typical household wasting thousands of gallons of water a year. Regrettably, these small breaches do not affect our bathing ability or use the facilities, resulting in them being overlooked for extended periods. It is only when a significant leak occurs do we recognize the serious plumbing issue we are dealing with.

But the usual signs of a pipe in need of repair are easy to miss and are often:

  • A sudden rise in metered water use
  • The scent of mold is persistent and not caused by typical tasks
  • Mold or mildew growth visible on unexpected walls
  • Unexpectedly high water bills
  • Unknown source of dripping noises
  • A lack of water pressure in a section of your home
Sadly, these leak indicators can also be advance notice of a serious pipe repair. This is why it’s best to call a professional plumber in Madison, AL instead of attempting to diagnose the issue yourself. In many cases, the cost savings does not justify the resulting property damage.

Repair and Replacement of Leaking Pipes in Madison, AL

When repairing or replacing your main water line, make sure you have an expert do the job. To guarantee it’s handled right, and safely, it’s essential to take the right steps, which include:

  • CONTACT A SPECIALIST. If you think you have an problem, contact an specialist as soon as possible to address the problem. It’s important to not try to fix these problems yourself.
  • KNOW THE SIGNS FOR A FULL REPLACEMENT. It can be difficult to figure out if you need to replace your system or if you need repairs. Some signs that can show you need a new unit set up are the age of your house and if you’ve had recurrent plumbing problems.
  • ENSURE SAFETY. Contact 8-1-1 before any repairs start on your water line to verify there are no dangers near the pipes or electrical or gas lines before experts start digging.

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