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Signs It’s Time to Contact Your Owens Cross Roads, AL Leak Detection Professional

You can tell there's a water leak if the water meter dial keeps run despite fixtures are not in use, if there's dampness or water damage on wall surfaces, carpets, or cabinets, or if you hear constant sounds of running water. Yet, for the majority of homeowners, the initial indication usually comes in the form of a higher water bill.

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Electronic amplification equipment assists in locating the exact area of leakage within the foundation. Leaking water is easily detected with this equipment. This enables the plumber to pinpoint the location of the leak. The objective of leak detection is to pinpoint the cause of the leakage to limit any potential damage to the property. A leak might occur in a plumbing pipe or drainage line that is buried under the foundation.

The frequent way to repair leakage within the foundation is to perform targeted fixing. A different approach to fix slab leaks is to re-pipe or redirect the plumbing. The type of repair for leakage within the foundation is determined by the age of the piping and its condition. Pipes in good condition may require localized repairs. If the piping is old and is not in very good condition, then pipe replacement might be required.

Where Does Water Leak From?

Owens Cross Roads Plumbing Services cutting-edge line detection equipment has the capability to locate underground metallic, cast-iron, or nonmetallic pipes and ducts avoiding expensive and sometimes disruptive digging. When your company is experiencing downtime as a result of broken or leaking pipes, you want your commercial plumber to have the right gear to handle the situation. Thankfully, Owens Cross Roads Plumbing Services holds cutting-edge equipment available to rapidly locate the hidden water leak and expedite repairs for Alabama residents. Our team utilize advanced technology sensors to help in locating gas pipes and prevent accidentally digging into one. Additionally, we present plumbing leak detection for any pipe, whether underground or beneath concrete and floors. Our line detection equipment is both rugged and capable of working in virtually any weather.

Leaks from pipes, plumbing fixtures, and fittings represent a significant source of water waste for many homes. Research has that the typical home can waste 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water per year because of pipe leaks. If not identified and repaired, these leaks can lead to considerable damage. Therefore, the moment a leak is noticed, water leak repair is essential and strongly recommended. Hidden water leaks in your home can turn out to be costly and bring about extensive damage if not dealt with immediately. Some leaks might go undetected for years as the source isn't visible. For instance, water supply lines to toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks are typically located behind the walls, under floors, and underground. Toilets additionally present a common source of leaks since they leak silently and can cause serious property damage.

To prevent any residential or commercial property damage, Owens Cross Roads Plumbing Services provides emergency leak detection services in Alabama.

Slab Leak Repair in Owens Cross Roads, AL

Slab leaks occur when your plumbing system experiences leaks underneath the concrete slab foundation of your home. Damage to this slab can undermine the structural integrity of your entire house. Excess pressure is the first potential cause of a slab leak, which can lead to cracked underground pipes. Underground pipes typically bear heavy pressure, heightening the likelihood of cracking. In areas with clay soil, the risk of slab leaks becomes higher, as clay soils expand when wet and shrink after drying, exerting pressure on the pipes.

Earthquakes can also apply pressure on the pipes, possibly causing slab leaks. The metallic components in the soil come into direct contact with underground pipes. Galvanic corrosion, resulting from this metal contact, can lead to a hole in your pipe, resulting in a leak.

When water flows through the pipes, it causes them to vibrate. In cases where the pipe is positioned next to a hard surface like gravel, another pipe, or concrete, the metal can gradually wear away at the spot where it rubs against the solid surface.

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A tiny leak may not seem like a problem at first, but repairing water damage is an expensive and time-consuming process. Additionally, one might encounter mold growth and pest infestations. But at the same time, using duct tape to patch a pipe and assuming the leak is repaired is not advisable. Professional service offers a number of benefits, including:

  1. Certified, experienced technicians: Our team of plumbing technicians has everything they need to identify and rectify any kind of plumbing leak.
  2. Tools and know-how for fast, yet effective solutions: An ineffective patch may result in the leak returning shortly. We make use of all our tools and expertise to ensure leaks do not resurface, providing long-term advantages for your plumbing system.
  3. 24/7 emergency access: Round-the-clock emergency assistance gives us the chance to respond quickly to serious, unexpected emergencies such as a sudden burst pipe.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize delivering with the utmost comfort and satisfaction through an uncomplicated procedure.

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