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Water Line Repair in Southside, AL

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When it comes to mending something in your plumbing system as integral as a main water line, you don’t want to take any chances. To make sure your water line repair or installation is up to code, partnering with the dependable plumbing professionals at Southside Plumbing Services is your best course of action.

We use a combination of traditional techniques and advanced technology to examine your water line health and provide proactive solutions. In contrast to other plumbers, we do not bill hourly, but instead offer our customers transparent, upfront pricing.

Our highly-trained technicians deliver outstanding service with your contentment and protection as our priority. With over 137 years of experience, we’ve built the confidence and allegiance of many local residents and residents.

What Causes Main Water Lines to Leak?

Water line leaks are relatively common issues for homeowners to encounter. Several factors can lead to this plumbing problem. We recommend becoming familiar with some of the most common causes of water line leaks, so you can take preventative measures to avoid them.

Here are 11 frequent causes of water line leaks:

  1. Improper initial installation
  2. Freezing and thawing of the ground
  3. Subsurface soil shifting
  4. Fluctuations in water pressure
  5. Compromised pipe seals or joints
  6. Drain or water line clogs
  7. Excess water pressure
  8. Intruding tree roots
  9. Weak pipe joints
  10. Dramatic temperature swings
  11. Build-up of sediment and rust in water lines
Any of these factors can gradually weaken water lines, which can lead to leaks and potential water damage.

When to Schedule Piping and Repiping Services

Checking for breaks or potential risks to the strength of your water pipe may be difficult since it is often buried. Nonetheless, if deterioration does take place, you will likely observe some of the signs of a damaged water line, such as discolored water and an rise in your utility bill.

It may be time to contact a professional plumber for a main water line replacement if you notice any of the following warning signs:

  • Altered Water Color: A brownish hue in your water could indicate the presence of corrosion, debris, or sediment due to corrosion or fractures in your water line. This tainted water can result in health issues and may be dangerous if used for drinking, bathing, or other household activities.
  • Reduced Water Pressure: A break in the water line can lead to a drop in water flow throughout your residential plumbing. When your water pressure continues to drop, it could be a sign of a substantial leak in your water line.
  • Abnormal Spike in Water Bills: An excessively high water bill is another common sign of a leaking water line. Broken water lines may result in a persistent water flow even when you’re not using it, increasing your bill.
  • Puddles in Your Yard: If you start to see large areas of standing water developing and lingering in your yard, it could be due to a broken water line. When your water line is damaged, the water can escape and pool in the surrounding area, resulting in standing water, potentially damaging grass and other landscaping.
When it comes to plumbing problems, delay almost always leads to more harm and additional costs. You’ll avoid a great deal of stress and money if you detect these problems and address them during the early stages of harm.

If you suspect a damaged water line in your plumbing system, reach out to Southside Plumbing Services for an inspection today!

Water Lines Replacement

Plumbing pipe are produced from various substances, and we are experienced with each type. Our skilled plumbers in Southside, AL are prepared to come to your home, assess the materials used in your plumbing system, and suggest the best strategies to repair them. No matter how old your plumbing is or how much repairs it requires, Southside Plumbing Services is ready to help! Listed below, we’ve described some of the most common types of plumbing materials found in the Southside, AL area. Nevertheless, we are prepared to help with all types of plumbing materials.

Copper Pipe

Fixing copper pipe is not particularly difficult, but locating the problem and reaching the broken section can be challenging. We are able to swap out failed pipe with new copper or a composite alternative.


From the 1970s through the early 1990s, polybutylene was widely used in residential plumbing. This kind of plastic is susceptible to leaking and cracking after only a few years of use. Since it deteriorates from the inside out, visual inspections don’t help in identifying if the material is failing. Our skilled plumbers have the tools to assess the condition of your polybutylene pipes and change them if necessary.

PVC Pipes

PVC has been an common material for many years; it’s cost-effective and endures a long time. However, repairing PVC demands the knowledge of a professional plumber who knows how to sand, prepare, and seal PVC joints so they’ll endure the wear and tear of time and weather.

Complete Southside Pipe Repair & Replacement Solutions

If you have a broken pipe or a few pinholes in a water line, our plumbing experts is here to help. Every team member truly cares about your comfort and understands how troublesome a leak can be. If you encounter any issues with our service during your pipe repair, we promise to do everything we can to set it right.

Southside Plumbing Services are honored to serve the Southside, AL area, and the nearby areas. We work on all brands and types of plumbing equipment like water heaters, toilets, and pipes.

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