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Experiencing a surge in your water bill and not sure of the reason? It's possible that you may be dealing with a pinhole leak requiring immediate attention. At Brookwood Plumbing Services, we render professional leak detection assistance to property owners throughout the Brookwood, AL region. We boast both the expertise and state-of-the-art technology needed to correctly identify leaks and provide effective solutions. Our goal is to aid you in fully resolving the issue so that you can enjoy plumbing security for many years.

Signs Of Plumbing Leak Problems

Higher water expenses: If you've observed a surprising rise in your monthly water bill, it could indicate a leak. We will locate the leak's origin and conduct repair work to ensure your bills remain manageable.

Loud thumping or banging noises: When you hear a distinct banging or thumping sound in the plumbing, it might suggest a water hammer, resulting from sudden pressure changes. We'll identify the location of the pressure disturbance to keep similar problems from happening in the future.

Reddish stains in your bathtub or water: If plumbing fixtures like your bathtub or kitchen sink have stains, it could indicate pipe corrosion or a water supply line leak.

Moist or soft floors and walls: Sudden indoor moisture spots is a more obvious sign that water is getting in areas where it isn't intended to be. A moldy smell may precede the appearance of wet spots.

Stains from water on ceilings or walls: Stains on your walls or the ceiling often means a nearby pipe is leaking.

Damp soil or erosion near your foundation: If you notice constantly damp soil or indications of foundation erosion, there might be a leak in your property’s main water line. Water damage to the foundation can be particularly disastrous.

Professional Leak Detection Techniques

Regrettably, you probably won’t be able to find and stop the source of your leak without the assistance of a licensed plumber. The good news is that our licensed plumbers are available to offer water leak repair services in the Brookwood, AL area. If you encounter a water leak, our expert plumbers are just a phone call away.

If you observe a severe leak of water, you may attempt to stop the water in your entire home. This might slow the leak until a plumber arrives and determines the best course of action. Otherwise, calling as quickly as possible for plumbing assistance is your best option!

What are the different types of leaks?

Numerous elements contribute that can lead to a water leak. Among the primary reasons are:

  • Clogged drains as well as toilets: It’s not uncommon for blocked pipes to result in a water leak. Anything from food residues and grease as well as hair and even children's toys can lead to a clog if it gets into the drainage system.
  • Deteriorating or moving pipes: As time passes, the pipes within your home can start to decay or move. When this occurs, leaks are prone to occur. Detecting leaks caused by this can be challenging in the absence of professional assistance.
  • Tree roots invading pipes or external plumbing: Sometimes, tree roots may penetrate your pipes, leading to pipe bursts. This type of leak might be hard to detect or go unnoticed.
Should you suspect that a leak is present, do not hesitate to contacting Brookwood Plumbing Services for professional water leak detection services.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair Professionals in Brookwood, AL

Leakages under the concrete slab foundation of your home, known as slab leaks, arise when your plumbing system experiences leaks. If this slab becomes damaged, it may compromise the structural integrity of your entire house. Excess pressure is the first potential cause of a slab leak, often resulting in cracked underground pipes. Underground pipes often bear heavy pressure, heightening the likelihood of cracking. In areas with clay soil, the likelihood of slab leaks is further heightened, as clay soils expand when wet and shrink after drying, exerting pressure on the pipes.

Additionally, earthquakes can exert pressure on the pipes, potentially resulting in slab leaks. Underground pipes have direct contact with the soil and all the metals present in it. This contact between metals can lead to galvanic corrosion, leading to a hole in your pipe and ultimately causing a leak.

When water flows through the pipes, it causes them to vibrate. If the pipe is positioned next to a hard surface like gravel, another pipe, or concrete, the metal can erode at the spot where it rubs against the solid surface.

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