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Out of the blue, dealing with higher water costs or damp areas around your home or business? You may have a leak in your plumbing system. Not only are leaks wasteful, but they are also likely to cause damage to your property. When water damage is wreaking havoc on your property, seek leak detection and repair services to promptly detect and repair any plumbing leaks.

At Camden Plumbing Services, we are pleased to perform leak detection and repair services in Camden, AL as a component of our suite of plumbing services. Your plumber can track down and resolve every leak they find, even if it seems insignificant. Request your plumbing appointment by calling (888) 860-0649 as soon as possible.

Are There Signs I Have a Leak in My Home?

A lot of people aren't familiar with what a “slab leak” entails–it is actually no surprise to see that they fail to notice the issue until it has already caused some damage.

A slab leak takes place underneath the concrete floor of your home’s foundation. It’s among the most elusive types of leaks, so homeowners seldom notice it until they find water in odd places all over the property.

Water could seep out of your pipes via holes and cracks caused by pipe corrosion, shifting ground, or faulty construction. The resulting damage may go undetected for months, eventually developing into a much bigger problem which requires more expensive repairs. As such, early detection is critical in controlling the damage.

Contact a qualified plumbing specialist when you detect any of these warning signs:

  • Sound of running water even when all the taps are turned off
  • Sudden or gradual spike in your water bill
  • Cracks in the walls or foundation
  • Moisture or mildew under the carpet
  • Stained or discolored floor covering
  • Heat coming from the floor
  • Wet spots inside your home
  • Water pooling where it shouldn’t
  • Drop in water pressure
The last thing you want would be a plumber lacking experience dealing with sensitive plumbing issues. For slab leak repair in Camden, AL and surrounding areas, trust only Camden Plumbing Services! Our team of highly skilled and experienced plumbing specialists is prepared to handle your plumbing emergencies 24/7.

Service You Can Trust. Quality You Can See

Don't allow a unseen water leak create a mess on your home. Rely on the experts at our team to locate and resolve leaks without excavating your yard or damaging your walls. By means of our specialized water leak detection services, you can relax being assured your home is protected. Wave goodbye to the nightmare of water damage and hello to peace of mind.

Where Does Water Leak From?

Discovering leaks in Camden, AL is quite often. An typical type of plumbing leak you might face is a overt leak in your faucet. Running toilets can be another typical type of plumbing leak. Occasionally, you might discover leaks in the pipes underneath your sink or other appliances. Leakages might also be hidden underneath the foundation of your slab. Leakages in the sewer line out in your yard or underneath the foundation represent yet another kind of plumbing leak.

Slab Leak Repair in Camden, AL

Spotting slab leaks at first could be tricky because they arise beneath the property. Nevertheless, you can find warning signs that homeowners should look out for, such as:

  • Wet or warm flooring
  • Substantial cracks within the foundation
  • An sudden escalation in your water bill
If you spot any of these warning signs and believe that they are caused by a slab leak, reach out to our local city slab leak repair experts immediately. We will carry out an in-depth assessment, assist you in identifying if a slab leak is the origin of the problem, and provide the most suitable options for resolving the issue with minimal stress.

Why Use Our Leak Detection Services

Our team use cutting-edge tools and techniques to find and fix hidden leaks precisely. Here are three methods we employ:

  1. Acoustic Listening Equipment: Our technology amplifies water leak sounds, reducing time and limiting unnecessary digging or drilling.
  2. Tools for Video Inspection: Our small cameras give us a clear view inside pipes, aiding us accurately diagnose pipeline issues and locate leaks.
  3. Soil Probes: By listening for escaping pressurized water, we can pinpoint leaks without disrupting your yard.
Count on our company for your slab leak detection and repair needs.

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At Camden Plumbing Services we aim aims to ensure your plumbing problem gets resolved once and for all–so you can enjoy safety and comfort of their home free from needing to worry about recurring plumbing issues. We will spend time to tend to clients' needs and pinpoint the source of the issue, offering options which we are certain will bring that peace of mind you're looking for.

No matter if you are requiring slab leak repair or have a different plumbing issue, you can count on our team to deliver a superior service and quality experience you deserve.

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